Penne arabiata
BD 3.500

Pasta tossed in our homemade tomato basil cream sauce, topped with shavings fresh herbs.

Chicken creamy broccoli pasta
BD 3.500

Creamy penne pasta broccoli, parmesan cheese, rocca leaves, chicken fillet, white sauce.

Fettuccine al fungai pasta
BD 3.800

Garden peak mushroom, cook in a light creamy sauce, dressed with house cheese.

Pollo risitto
BD 3.800

Arborio rice, cooked with fresh mushroom and chicken, topped with shavings of parmesan.

Sea food risotto
BD 4.200

Arborio rice, cooked with calamari, prawn, and creamy basil rose sauce.

Lasagna bolognese
BD 3.800

Lasagna sheet filled with meat bolognese, topped with bechamel and blended with two kinds of cheese.

Chicken Saffron risotto
BD 3.800

Arorio rice, grilled chicken, inoki mushroom, saffron milk foam, basil, parmesan cheese.


Pizza margherita
BD 3.500

italian plum tomato, mozarella, white cheddar, gruyere cheese, fresh basil oregano.

Pizza rustica
BD 3.500

Grilled vegetable eggplant, mushroom, zuchinni, pesto sauce, crumbled feta cheese, top with fresh greens.

Pizza bruchetta
BD 3.500

Homemade tomato sauce, fresh mozarella, olives, diced tomato, feta cheese rocca leaves, parmesan cheese, balsamic glaze.

Smoked pepperoncino chicken
BD 3.800

Smoke paprika chicken, garden mushroom, top with parsley sour cream.

loaded pepperoni
BD 3.800

Spiced beef pepperoni, fresh mozarella, oregano, tomato sauce.

Tikka bahraini pizza
BD 4.600

Thin sliced juicy beef, marinated with aromatic sliced onion, potato fries with mint yogart sauce, top with oman chips.

BBQ chicken pizza
BD 3.900

Texas style, homemade barbeque sauce, chicken, tomato sauce, mozarella, cheddar cheese, basil.

Moajanat Corner

Bahraini Mahyawa topped with melted cheese
BD 2.500

Fish sauce, melted cheese, corriander, cheddar cheese, lemon sliced.

Labenese halloumi cheese with zaatar spices
BD 2.500

Cucumber, shallot, rocca leaves, tomato.

Armenian Sahefa
BD 3.500

Fresh minced beef, with spices, pomegranate molasses, pine nuts, tahina sauce.