Norwegian Salmon
BD 6.500

Pan seared salmon with aromatics sun dried tomatoes, feta cheese, green leaves, served with capers and dill sauce.

Sayadia Hamour
BD 5.500

Marinated with herb spices, butter fried hamour and served with flavorful rice and House special sauce reduction.

Tandoori Seabass With Mixed Herb Rice
BD 4.800

Tandoori seabass served with special sauce and mix herb rice

Sea Food Thermidor
BD 6.800

Mix of shrimp, salmon, calamari and hamour cooked with Bechamel sauce and mozzarella on top with French fries


Filet Mignon
BD 7.900

Grilled juicy beef steak, served to your preferred doneness with potatoes sauteed vegetables and choice of sauce: pepper, mustard, mushroom.

BD 6.800

Combination of Shrimp fillet served with mash potato and asparagus with pepper or mustard sauce.

BD 6.800

Slow-cooked Lamb Shank served with mashed potato, sauce reduction garnished with rosemary

Arabic Dishes

Fresh Hamour with the dill sauce and herbed rice
BD 6.500

Fresh Hamour with the dill sauce and herbed rice

Jordanian mansaf
BD 6.300

fresh lamb, rice, chef special sauce, nuts,corriander on the top.

Smoked chicken biryani
BD 4.200

Arabic rice, swet potato, cashew nuts, pomegranate seeds, chicken, yogart sauce, fried cranberry, gravy sauce, lettuce red and green.

Tikka bahraini with steam rice
BD 4.500

Fresh lamb, white rice, spice tahina sauce, mixed grills vegetables

Veg Biryani
BD 3.200

Beryani rice, mixed vegetables, yogart and tahina sauce


Chicken Steak With Mash Potato
BD 4.500

Tender chicken breast served on a bed of mash potato with some steam vegies and mushroom sauce

Pollo Parmigiana
BD 5.800

Pan seared flattened chicken breast, covered with herbed bread crumbs, topped with tomato basil sauce, melted cheese and baby potatoes.

Pollo Alla Cacciatore
BD 4.300

Grilled chicken breast marinated with roasted spices, herbed potatoes, served with creamy tamarind sauce.

Chicken Stuffed With Quinoa And Served With Burghul Rice
BD 4.500

Juicy Chicken breast stuffed with quinoa, mix olives, mix bell pepper, cheese cooked in tomato sauce, served on the bed of burghul rice

Mix Grills (All be served with bread, fries & salad)

BD 4.500

Charcoal grill chicken cubes, Cinnamon. Cherry tomato, tahina sauce., Pomegranate molasses served with the french fries and mixed grilled vegetables

Tikka lamb
BD 4.500

Tikka Lamb, Cinnamon. Cherry tomato, tahina sauce., Pomegranate molasses served with the french fries and mixed grilled vegetables

Mawasim Sweet corner

Mahalabiya cheese cake
BD 2.200

Milk, cream, flour, sugar, biscuit butter.served with caramel sauce

Egyptian bread pudding Um ali
BD 2.200

Milk,puff bread, sugar syrup. Toppings with pistacio and corn flakes.

Baked cheese cake
BD 3.200

Milk, cream, Strawberry puree, caramel sauce, flour.

Baked Walnut Cake
BD 4.000

Skillet baked chocolate walnut cake, served with ice cream and caramel sauce.

French Loaf
BD 4.500

Baked french toast in our chef's secret recipe.

Baked Cheesecake
BD 3.200

Creamy cheese, milk, strawberry puree, caramel syrup

Fruit salad with vanilla ice cream
BD 3.900

fruit salad with vanilla ice cream